Thanks to good friend Andy for the knowledge: Defeater, a Boston hardcore band on Bridge 9 Records, includes drummer Andy Reitz, the hard-working and visionary founder of Green Vans.

Like Defeater, are you ready to cruise through the country in a van that smells like french fries while saving both money AND the environment? Watch Reitz explain and demonstrate the concept below in a video featured on Boldfacers.

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The idea for Green Vans sprung from a simple desire to save some money. Touring bands know that gas is is no light expense when playing towns on a daily basis that are 10 hours apart for months on end. Add in the unfortunate reality that most working bands are forced to criss-cross the nation in some pretty rag-tag vehicles that don’t get much to the gallon and you can start seeing the world through Reitz’s eyes.

Green Vans offers an economical and eco-conscious solution: diesel vans converted to run on vegetable oil. As a seasoned vet himself, Reitz understands how a tour works, so you can trust Green Vans to come through on their promise to plan out vegetable oil fill-ups for the duration of your rental utilizing a nationwide network of suppliers. To rent or to find out more about Reitz’s van revolution, visit

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