Credit Crisis Visualized

httpv:// A nice little graphic video made by Jonathan Jarvis, although, not exactly our kind of article, we figured everybody should have a basic understanding of the current Credit Crisis that is creating the biggest economic downturn since World War II. We recommend visiting Crisis of Credit to watch this Continue Reading

Space Invader

From Wooster Collective, via DailyMotion — a new video from street artist Space Invader, who’s been wicked busy for years surreptitiously installing little tile mosaics in a ton of major cities around the world. Understand it fully or not, you should admit the whole thing is pretty fun.

Kutiman’s Thru-You YouTube Mixes

httpv:// Thanks to our friends Scott and Ian tipping us over Facebook, here’s an excellent music video made by Kutiman called The Mother Of All Funk Chords that’s completely made out of remixed YouTube footage. Apparently, the video itself is spreading through out the Internet faster than the Australian Wild Continue Reading

Street art is infectious

…especially in the hands of James Jean, who was recently commissioned by Lance Armstrong to create a mural for Livestrong, Armstrong’s foundation dedicated to cancer treatment and prevention. This is the first in a series of street art installations for Livestrong dubbed ‘Open Roads.’ Jean hit Venice Beach in Los Continue Reading