It’s a new wild-and-wacky adventure from the purveyors of Wooooo Magazine! Yes, I always have to double-check how many ‘o’s go into that title. It’s five, by the way.

And, yes, Issue 6 is now out, and it looks better than ever. But don’t judge a book by its cover, Wooooo would advise. It’s sure to be full of “a bunch of woeful sh*t.” This is how they describe Issue 2 which consisted of, in more detail, a “terrible interview with fat douche Dave Carnie, dreadful illustrations by Chri$ Nieratko, first ever interview with stupid artist Dan Colen, boring interview with boring director Patrick Daughters and a retarded pile of crap interview with washed up piece of crud Moby.”

This time around, we’re graced with some sure-to-be-offbeat interviews with such folk as early pro skater legend Natas Kaupas, recently-split-from-Strokes-guitarist (who was in the shop yesterday with Julian but, no, we didn’t try to hug them, we promise) It-Girl model Agyness Deyn, Interview Editor-in-Chief Christopher Bollen and funny-man Zach Galifianakis. Which reminds me of a little clip I was just watching…


Get Woooo Issue 6 for 10 bucks here, or go to American Apparel, or St. Marks, or a bunch of other places. Where can we find you, Wooooo?

Wooooo is preordered internationally and distributed to: Colette in Paris, DPMHI in London and Welcome to Alphaville in Melbourne, Australia… also a bunch of places in Germany and Sweden.

Of course Wooooo can be found all over down town New York in places like American Apparel, McNally Robinson Book Sellers, I HEART, Lafayette Smoke Shop, Autumn Skateboards, Earnest Cut and Sewn, Freeman’s Sporting Club, Printed Matter, St Marks Bookshop and selected storefronts in the city and state of New York.

If your on the west coast you can grab Wooooo at Choke Motorcycle Shop, Ooga Booga, Family Books, Park Life… it’s all over the place.

Wooooo also makes its way to Tokyo but no one knows how.

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