Real life Groovision in Japan

Remember our entry that briefly mentioned Groovision Japan’s looping graphic movie with animated graphic people marching around the city chasing after a horse? Well, The DVD is now finally back in stock at AC Gears (but that’s besides the point). Looks like the movie has its own following in Japan. Project code named Nakasone OFF IN < a major Japanese city> features a bunch of Japanese teens tracking around cities in Japan following Groovision’s vision. Pretty amazing project in the sense that they really have nothing else better to do. The one you see above is Nakasone OFF IN Kyoto. There are also Nakasone in Tokyo, Gifu, and even on the offshore island of Okinawa.

According to their Bulletin board website (in Japanese), they seem to have tracked through all major cities in Japan groovision style. We wonder when they’ll come to do it here in New York.

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