where the wild things are

Currently making the rounds: the new, official poster for ‘Where the Wild Things Are,‘ the Maurice Sendak book-soon-to-be-Spike-Jonze-directed-movie that a whole bunch of us are sort of chomping at the bit to see.

The new image inspires a strange desire to do what we may have all been avoiding — that is, to find out more about how this film has really been coming together. The childhood storybook, and this one in particular, is a sacred thing, and it’s easier to peep at new developments through one hand cautiously over your eyes. Perhaps you’ll be happy to hear, then, that early word has been positive. From New York Magazine as early as late 2007:

In transforming the 338-word story of Where the Wild Things Are into a 111-page screenplay, Eggers and Jonze have fleshed out the story not, unexpectedly, with wild plot developments, and not, thankfully, with densely packed pop-fiction references. Instead Where the Wild Things Are is filled with richly imagined psychological detail, and the screenplay for this live-action film simply becomes a longer and more moving version of what Maurice Sendak’s book has always been at heart: a book about a lonely boy leaving the emotional terrain of boyhood behind.

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