Dirty Hands – Interview with the filmmaker

From Juxtapoz — a short talk with Harry Kim of the documentary film ‘Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe.’ Kim, as one of Choe’s old friends, is in good position to explain some of the ins-and-outs of the bad-boy artist’s life. Former prisoner, current gambler (but with a buddy-system!), and all-around interesting personality, here are a few choice snippets from the interview:


We have a system down, where we go to Vegas together, he gambles every day, I hold the chips, and he has to leave up so he doesn’t leave losing money. We have to be partners in gambling so it’s really measured and controlled. He calls it “nerd gambling.”

Is he still a hard-core Christian?

No, he hates all that stuff now. But all the Christians are trying to capture him back. They won’t stop emailing him.

One scene was almost a metaphor for his whole life, where he punches himself in the face to get blood running from his nose, to use it in his drawing.

Well, it’s one way to put yourself in the work!

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