Daft Punk to compose for Tron 2

This is very nearly old news by now, but Billboard reports that the rumors are true: Daft Punk is confirmed to do the entire soundtrack for Tron: The Sequel (or Tron 2.0, or TR2N, or whatever it is they’re calling the project this week). Check the fuzzy, bootleg trailer below — the only footage so far that’s gotten out to the general public.


We may think we have an idea how this’ll sound. Daft Punk for Tron? It’s such a perfect match, it’s almost dull — as if you can already hear the beats in your head. But don’t forget the dark and brooding score Thomas Bangalter, of Daft Punk, served up for the movie Irreversible not so long ago. Watch an example clip below and know that whatever comes of this pairing, we can be pretty sure we can’t know exactly what to expect.


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