Artist Mike Mills on The Moment

The Moment, the New York Times Style Blog, had a brief chat with artist and director Mike Mills after his Strand appearance this past Friday. Mills was in town to promote his new book, Graphics Films, a career-spanning retrospective. What did the man responsible for the Root Down and Moon […]

Spike Jonze reworks skate footage for music video

What with all the drooling over the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, consider us to be in a full-on love affair with all things Spike Jonze. As such, let’s spare a moment for this video, a bit Jonze cobbled together from his own archives exclusively for the British […]


It’s a new wild-and-wacky adventure from the purveyors of Wooooo Magazine! Yes, I always have to double-check how many ‘o’s go into that title. It’s five, by the way. And, yes, Issue 6 is now out, and it looks better than ever. But don’t judge a book by its cover, […]

Real life Groovision in Japan

httpv:// Remember our entry that briefly mentioned Groovision Japan’s looping graphic movie with animated graphic people marching around the city chasing after a horse? Well, The DVD is now finally back in stock at AC Gears (but that’s besides the point). Looks like the movie has its own following in […]

No one does it like you premiere

httpv:// A new video for the Department of Eagles single, one of the best songs released last year, directed by Patrick Daughters, who’s really been making the rounds lately. A whimsical affair on the whole, even amidst all the Civil-War gun-shooting and leg-cutting, this video for ‘No One Does It […]


httpv:// Here’s the official trailer for the Spike Jonze-directed movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. It’s beginning to look like Jonze and Dave Eggers, his co-writer on the project, have produced something very, very special. The trailer plays to music from Arcade Fire, who may just […]

New Season, New Earphones, Thanks Elecom!

We wait patiently every March/April and September/October for Japanese electronic companies to come out with new goodies that will make us go WOW. And we have a feeling that our and AC Gears customers will be just as excited when we bring in the newest series of Elecom Japan’s […]

One serious tattoo

httpv:// Do you know Swedish? A tattoo magazine, Tare Lungt, and one willing participant collaborate to turn Issue 3 into a tattoo. Human branding goes one step further and it turns out both a little brilliant and a little nuts — thanks to Selectism for the heads-up. Now, just how […]

New iPod Dice OTOKORO Speaker

Finally another iPod portable speaker worthy to appear in GEDDEM. The new Dice Speakers called OTOKORO from Buffalo Japan are due out in April with 5 fashionable colors (and different designs, too) for 2,814 Yen (about $32 USD). For 4/5th generation iPod Classic/Mini/Nano and 2nd generation iPod Touch. Takes direct […]

where the wild things are

Currently making the rounds: the new, official poster for ‘Where the Wild Things Are,‘ the Maurice Sendak book-soon-to-be-Spike-Jonze-directed-movie that a whole bunch of us are sort of chomping at the bit to see. The new image inspires a strange desire to do what we may have all been avoiding — […]

Muto — revisiting a wall-painted animation

From about a year ago, but new to me. At any rate, this ‘ambiguous animation’ from the artist Blu, which takes place across outdoor/indoor walls across both Buenos Aires and Baden (in southwest Germany), is worth revisiting for its pure, jaw-dropping, how-did-you-DO-that? artistic quality. It’s tough to explain how cool […]

Scanwiches – taking food porn to a different level

This is one of those delightfully bizarre little entries that makes you grateful for the Internet. The idea behind Scanwiches, a photo blog of sorts, is pretty simple. In fact, the site offers, by way of explanation, only these words: “Scans of sandwiches for education and delight.” I’m not sure […]