The new aspirational living

With more and more people scrambling to make rent, a certain brand of aspirational living based in pure luxury has been falling out of fashion. In its place, we’re beginning to see more interesting takes on the subject which shed more light on the individuals than on the status symbols they hide themselves behind, MTV-Cribs-style.

Leading the charge are apartamento and The Selby. Call it a move away from “The Fabulous Lives of the Rich and Famous” towards “The Cluttered Lives of the Unique and Creative.”

apartamento (tagline: an everyday life interiors magazine), now on issue 2, sees the idea through in beautiful print form. Like the living spaces apartamento picks to photograph, the publication itself is a little modest (literally — it’s pocket-sized by magazine standards), deceptively unassuming but brimming over with personality.

It’s all about the people who create the spaces — people like director Mike Mills, artist Terence Koh and Interview Editor-in-Chief Christopher Bollen. The photos are perfect. Nothing’s styled, the lighting looks natural, it’s a little grimy without feeling Terry Richardson-grimy. It’s not at all an interior design magazine in the traditional sense at the same time that it almost, almost is.

Photographer Todd Selby takes a similar idea to the Internet with The Selby. His shots are beautiful, and each living space is accompanied by a brief question-and-answer with its occupant(s). Highly addictive, the site’s been picking up steam and some recognizable faces are beginning to welcome Mr. Selby and his camera into their homes, which are — without fail — fun, distinctive and reflective of each owner’s personality.

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  1. Alex wrote:

    I love the uniqueness of the pictures and must admit I hate the ‘bling’ MTV cultured instilled into British society.

    Give me something quirky and original anyday.

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