Freeman Transport x Billykirk

Featured in the February issue of Monocle, a collaboration between two companies still making and assembling their goods in the U.S. — Freeman Transport, a Montana bike company, and Billykirk, a small leather goods and luggage operation out of New York formed by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray.

Scan from Freeman Transport’s blog

From the pages of Monocle:

“We’ll bang on about bike lanes until the couriers come home and we’re also hooked on hand luggage. So, when a bike firm from Montana, Freeman Transport, and a New York-based baggage manufacturer, Billykirk, teamed up to produce a foldable full-size bicycle with its own carry-on bag we demanded a viewing. The fixed-gear track model is currently available and this year they will add a commuter, “cyclo-cross” and road bike to the range.”

And for a look at the people behind-the-scenes, which is really the best part of a small company, click over to Benjamin Ferencz of Freeman Transport’s column on Selectism where he takes us through his recent trip to NYC to talk business and indulge in pleasures (of the food and dive-y bar variety) with the Billykirk brothers, Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and Taavo Somer, who operates a wholly different breed of Freeman. For Ferencz, Thursday starts with Balthazar. Friday starts with Balthazar. Maybe that’s the key to a good day in the city…

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