With Inauguration day less than 24 hours away, ObamaMania is at an all-time high and climbing, and GEDDEM is here to bring you all of the Obama gadgetry goodness you can handle. From the tricked out new wheels of the Cadillac One to unofficial (and hilarious) Obama merch to details on how to get yourself equipped like the Commander in Chief , the The GEDDEM Inauguration Gadget Guide is on the ball!

The Wheels
Batman sure is going to be jealous when he gets wind of this. The new Presidential Limo is so tricked out, even the Batmobile is showing signs of envy. The Cadillac One, as it’s come to be known, is a completely custom built stretch Cadillac Deville Touring Sedan (that means limo) built on a GM four-wheel drive platform. The car has been around since year 2 of the Bush administration, but is getting a complete overhaul for the new presidency.

New Features include:
Price: $650,000
Fuel Consumption: 8 Miles/Gallon (Editor’s note – sure keeps our American tradition going).
Bumpers: Night vision cameras embedded in the front and rear bumpers
Tires: Kevlar reinforced, shred and puncture resistant tires with steel rims underneath, meaning that the Cadillac One can drive at top speed even if the tires are blown clean off.
Body: Reinforced with a five-inch thick steel plate, the Cadillac One is protected thoroughly against under-body explosives.
Doors: Eight inches thick with armor plating, each of the doors on the One weigh as much as a cabin door on a Boeing 757.
Passenger Cabin: Equipped with an executive package straight out of Pimp My Ride, Obama’s seat has access to a foldaway desktop, built in laptop with wi-fi, and a satellite phone that can call everyone from Joe Biden to the International Space Station. Panic button also included.
Gas Tank: Armor-plated and coated with antiballistics foam for explosive protection from the inside out.
Trunk: Pre-equipped with oxygen tanks and a complete firefighting system.

Pong, circa 1988

The Game: Pong

Obama has your number. In a pre-election interview for Entertainment Weekly, Obama told us that his favorite video-game of yesteryear is, in fact, Pong. Granted, he also admitted that he hadn’t played it since its initial release, but for a president to have been into video games ever is a wicked awesome first.

Yes Wii Can!

The Console: Nintendo Wii

After the election, the Obama girls (Sasha and Malia) got two things that virtually every kid in America wanted for Christmas – a puppy, and a Nintendo Wii. And don’t think that the Presidential Papa is letting his family have all the fun while he sits on the sidelines. Word around town is that Barack likes Wii Bowling better than the real thing.

Welcome To The Uh.... Social.

The Tunes: Ipod or Zune?

Recently, a Philadelphia City Paper blogger reported spotting Obama at a hotel gym, watching himself on CNN and listening to a Zune. This, of course, caused an uproar from Ipod and Zune fans alike. Not to be anti-Zune or anything, but honestly it would be kind of surprising for Obama to be using a Zune considering that he is unofficially known for being an Apple fan. For 24 hours Zune users had a field day, until an Obama rep stated officially that “Barack Obama does not use a Zune.” The reporter responded by saying, “I’ve seen a zune before. I know what one looks like.” So the answer is debatable, but on the record, the win goes to Apple.

The ObamaBerry

The Smartphone: The Blackberry 8800

Since the early days of the campaign trail, Obama has been a self-proclaimed Blackberry addict, to the point that when the NSA told him “No Blackberries Allowed,” he turned it into a legal battle royale. It’s understandable why he would fight for his right to blackberry as well, when you get a look at the NSA Approved Smartphones he has to choose from.

The two sides went back and forth for a while, but CBS News announced yesterday that the NSA has agreed to allow Obama to keep his Blackberry, as long as he doesn’t use AIM on it. It’s hello, blackberry, bye-bye buddy list.

Obamarama Gear!

Whether you’re going to the Inauguration Ball, watching the ceremonies on tv in your favorite bar, or just hanging out on the couch, we’ve got the latest gadgets to keep you set up in secret service style (oh, the alliteration!)

First, everyone knows that the President has access to a Panic button, but not everyone has a panic button of their own. Introducing the USB Self Destruct Button Hub, for when you need your own panic button. Featuring 4 USB ports with fast connection that corresponds with Windows XP and MacOS X. On the front panel, the key, button, and the switches actually work. You know, just in case you need it.

Whether in Michigan or Mumbai, the Commander in Chief always needs to know what time it is. SuckUK is here to help with their svelte line of internationally inspired clocks. The Timezone Clock displays the actual time, as well as the differences in time based on time zone on the map next to it. If you’re into international time in a more literal sense, there are’s also the Time Flies Clock Trio, bringing you the time in London, Hong Kong, and NYC.

For the Secret Service agent with style, there’s always a hot new set of earbuds waiting for you. Aiaiai’s Y-Com Earbuds are ready to go, complete with Secret Service style coil and built-in microphone, these guys look super cool and are iphone compatible.

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