Dance the LEGO Brick Dance

Lego Lovers rejoice – it is our year. This weekend, Lego and Digital Blue announced a set of retro-fitted Lego electronics. For those of us craving snap-happy Lego goodness, expect to see BoomBoxes, MP3 Players, Walkie Talkies, Digital Cameras, among others, soon. No, you don’t build them yourself, but each item will carry the Lego signature look and will cost between $19-$59. The ETA on these babies is late summer/early fall, but if you’re itching for a Lego fix, there are already gadgets to be found, like the Lego USB Drive and the Homade Lego Ipod Stereo Dock, available from AC Gears.

It’s not at all surprising that Lego has decided to take this merchandising move – the past few months have been nothing but affirmitive of the brand’s staying power as both a popular toy and an icon of pop culture. From New York art studios to English beaches to French catwalks, legos are everywhere!

New York artist Nathan Sawaya has become the pioneer of Lego construction with his highly complex, mystifying Lego sculptures. Nathan uses Lego as a medium for creating profound and wild surrealist pop art. Order a pair of His & Hers sculptures for as “little” as $60,000 or check out his appearance on The Colbert Report instead for free. His works will be in Edmonton, Canada until May 3rd and are touring indefinitely.

And what this giant minifig was doing on a beach in England is anybody’s guess. The positively mammoth minifig washed ashore around October 31st of last year and has been a great source of bewilderment and delight among the people of Brighton. Nobody could quite figure out where it came from, but as you can see in the above photo, it was quickly carried off by a gaggle of ten year old boys.

Finally, fall fashion week in Paris brought some serious surprises this year, as renegade designer JC de Castelbajac gave a preview of his lego-inspired spring line. Complete with a digital remake of the show in true lego form, the house of Castelbajac proved to have the most original line of the season.

JCDC Versus LEGO on Vimeo.

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