Through the Looking Glass taught us a simple lesson: for ordinary things to make sense, there must be unordinary things that make nonsense.

MDS is an artist of old.
Classic fellow.

Haight & Ashbury is a San Francisco neighborhood of about the same age.
Classic by another definition.
Not exactly humble.

GDM: What is art?
MDS: – [dry laugh] Artists have been trying to figure that out for generations.  As a worker in art… you apply what you know.. your skills and abilities to define and explain what you perceive.  Your work then, becomes an explanation of your perceived reality… which in turn becomes your personal style.  A cup can be classic.  A cup can be modern.  It’s each artist’s personal interpretation that allows for variety and flair. A different cup for a different artist.  Art also, is the human touch.  The moon will inspire different thoughts and emotions for each individual, which again, allow for personal interpretation, thus variety of artistic humanity.

GDM: What is culture?
MDS: – Culture is a regional thing.  Every area.. has a culture.  Culture is people.  The manifestation of human existence, in that specific time frame and definitive location… is culture.  You could call it history.. heritage.. tradition.  In short, what we do today becomes tomorrow’s culture.

GDM: What is technology?
MDS: – Art is definition.  It’s personal.  Creation of fine art is for personal pleasure regardless of what anyone else tells you.  Technology on the other hand, is practical application.  A chair can be artistic.  But if the designer has no consideration for practicality… applicability, then the design is only pure art.. and most likely non-functional.  Technology is then, a means of improvement.  Continuous improvement.  To overthrow yesterday’s rule towards progress of something different.  There’s a funny overlap for the need of destructive progress within art and tech in the spirit and soul of not only rewriting a previous design, but to shatter and create something truly original and new.

GDM: Do you know why I chose Haight & Ashbury for this interview?
MDS: – [laugh] It’s the antimatter.  This place is the epicenter of counterculture, unrestricted with absolute freedom of thought and expression.  Clever place to interview an artist of old, on culture.

GDM: What are your thoughts on the future of tech / art / culture?
MDS: – I believe all three are progressive.  The youth will push all three forward hand in hand.  Tech will rationalize what can be rationalized until everything is extrapolated to its logical extreme.  That is when an artist will come in to overthrow the institutionalized methods towards a greater unmethodical ideology.  Once change has occurred, culture will enter to solidify the methods/anti-methods towards stability of reproduction of expression.

You can’t deny technology in the face of art.  It’s the new medium that society needs to accept and learn to appreciate.  There is no definition to art, only inclination.  If 51% of the world enjoy your work, then your work is successful.

What can change is your thought process, the media you use.  There is no right or wrong or direction. The youth will dictate our mark in the culture that we leave behind.

GDM: Your mediums?
MDS: – Oils, watercolor, sketch, sculpture, photos.. a little bit of everything to keep the mind sharp.

GDM: On photography?
MDS: – Photo is the lazyman’s art.  It replaces sketching.  Using an image to quickly portray a thought or emotion.

GDM: Equipment?
MDS: – Hasselblad, Nikon film and digital.  The H is crap worth practicality… but peerless in quality.  The Nikon is the quickness.  Digital photography is the new kid on the block.  Irreplacable is film, but you cannot deny the functionality (and practicality) of digital.  It’s a waiting game until the tech matures and plateaus out.

GDM: Final message?
MDS: – Experience.  That’s your isolator towards your own persona.  Go out there and experience the path less chosen.

Who is MDS?
MDS = Artist of 1947 + Taiwanese patriot + Prodigy of Chen Hui-Kun

Who are You?
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