While we are still on the subject of modern consumerism, let’s also talk about this postmodernist anthropomorphism in consumer products. How about the new Giga Pudding (giga delicious!) from Japanese toymaker Takaratomy that is shown in the graphic animation eating it’s cute little brain out (and giving us the thumb up whilst doing it).

Or the highly publicized, also gadget blogs’ favorite Takaratomy XIAO, the new Polaroid like instant digital camera that is depicted to “crap” out instant photos. By the way, AudioCubes.com has XIAO for $499.99 – now that Polaroid is gone, XIAO is your only instant photo crapping friend.

Oh, and we were notified by Mark from Creative Review UK about the recall on faulty (but still cuddly) uterus dolls. I only imagine this type of anthropomorphic branding is actually working. Although, I mean, is there actually someone out that loves “lungs” so much he’d buy one to hug it to sleep? But I’ll try some Giga Pudding though.

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