Advertisements pretty much define the modern human life. There is virtually not a single space in anyone’s life that is not occupied by some kind of blatant endorsement or publicity that wants you to BUY BUY BUY, AGAIN! Our good friend from Yosoh posted a link to Bombing Science – Billboard Liberation Front on Facebook. A great read about the underground graffiti movement that’s set out to transform all the evil billboards that do nothing except selling us things and services.

A little different from the famous British stencil graffiti artist Banksy’s works (see left), but nonetheless equally intriquing.

But my question is though, corporations suck, globalization kills and suppresses, etc, etc, blah blah blah, indeed. But now that the Lehman Brothers went down hard, and many more are either digging their own graves or waiting to be buried, are we really much better off? Or are we scared sh_tless worrying about our next paycheck, student loans, mortgages? Or if we can afford that Macbook Air. Maybe not, but you wouldn’t be blogging without a computer, would you? Can we really all be Christopher McCandless? I know I can’t, I hate snow.

Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, a New York Times columnist, a liberal, a fervent Bush basher, wrote this article in 1997 – In Praise of Cheap Labor. Perhaps it’s something for you globalization haters and graffiti artists out there to think about … hmmmm.

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