MUSICIAN – Mondo Grosso

Mondo Grosso (Shinichi Osawa) is a Japan based DJ whose music we frequently play in our store. His best albums were arguably his earlier works, which were made compiling seamlessly different genres of music.

We recommend Mondo Grosso’s MG4, an excellent album that contains soulful acid jazz, as well as several spoken word tracks. Below is a quick excerpt from Track 12: STAR SUITE I. New Star (by Monday Michiru & Shinichi Osawa)

Swimming in the warm haven
as dark as the blackest raven
She knows it is time to leave
A hand, a light leads her
Cold and bold air
hits her skin as the line she shares
with her mother is cut
and she is breathing on her own
not alone

Track 6 LIFE featuring bird is a great song with bird singing in Japanese to a fantastic Brazillian Samba. MV, shot in Brazil, is terrific as well. A definite import keeper, although the CD may be a bit expensive on Amazon.

For more spoken word projects check out these sites:

the e-poets network (Chicago)
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