Indeed global warming should be reduced however possible. JVC Japan and three other Japanese media companies have developed a new type of plastic resin extracted from inedible, industrial-grade rice, which will be used to produce DVD/CD cases. This new rice-based material will reduce about 10% effects of global warming as compared to conventional CD/DVD case manufacturing. CD/DVD’s produced by these 4 Japanese companies will utilize such cases starting in January. Costs not disclosed.

Good idea. But why not just download MP3’s and watch Netflix on your computer at all times. Call me old school, but I still buy CD’s and I like my CD cases to be white and transparent, though.

[ Courtesy to AV Watch ]

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One thought on “Anti Global Warming Rice CD Cases

  1. I know what you’re saying about having clear CD cases, but this would be good for all DVD and Video game cases that have the cover on the outside.

    10% isnt huge though..

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