Intellectual Comic Books

An idea, once created, can metamorphose into many forms, and spawn many other ideas. For example, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra; Richard Strauss read the book and wrote Also Sprach Zarathustra; Stanley Kubrick used Strauss’ tone poem in the opening of his all-time classic 2001: A Space Oddysey. Now if you’ve bought Kubrick’s 2001 DVD and Strauss’ CD, and read through Nietzsche’s Wikipedia page but still want more, may we suggest Intellectual Comic Books. From Introduction to Logic, Aesthetics, to Introduction to Kant, Kafka, Quantum Theory, it looks like Icon Books has these serious topics covered (and come with semi-humorous illustrations). And they are all available on and Buy a few and give them to your kids when they turn 16.

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