Grobal Your Plants

Lazy people like me always have a hard time keeping plants (and other stuff) alive. Thanks to Grobal, designed by Karim Rashid (the designer behind Method Hand Soap, see left), now every lazy person in NYC can have one while adding some style to our rent-controlled apartments.

Each Grobal egg-shaped vessel is made from a durable high-gloss plastic, available in a range of pop-art colors. The easily accessible “grow chamber” draws water and nutrients from the reservoir below into the soil in the top chamber.

In layman’s terms, Grobal will nurture your plants for you, so you can do other things like watching The Office. Large Grobal available for $25.99 and Baby Grobal $15.99 at AC If you are lonely and lazy, and can’t afford a cat, a Grobal + tap water + a $15 plant from Whole Foods will do.

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