Solidge – forged speakers

Following the success of forged Aluminum clip-on headphones (ie. ATH-EM9d), Audio-Techinca Japan will release its new line of personal and portable speakers with forged Aluminum structure.

The new line, due out in Japan on January 23rd, now has an official name of SOLiDGE (solide + edge?).

Audio-Technica claims that the new SOLiDGE products utilize the same manufacturing techniques used in making Japanese Katana’s. Design is cutting edge, clean, and almost could kill. And the forged material will enhance Audio-Technica’s signature sound, by reducing internal vibrations.

They come with hefty prices, though, AT-SPS7 is to run about $280, and ATH-SPS5, being the small portable brother, will retail $130 in Japan. Both should become available at, and may make their way to the US and elsewhere later on.

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