Blu Dot / Stussy SoHo

121 Wooster, then and now: Stussy and Blu Dot

Blu Dot’s officially moved into the neighborhood. If you’re still nostalgic for the days when Stussy was on Wooster, you’ll be glad to know that the Minneapolis-based “affordable design” company has chosen to leave the interior much as Stussy left it.

A portion of the Blu Dot story, as taken from their inventive website:

“The three of us were college friends and shared a passion for art, architecture, and design.  After we left college and began to furnish our first homes, we didn’t like the stuff we could afford and we couldn’t afford the stuff we liked…we were naive enough to do something about it.”

Head to SoHo, or get a taste now through their site. Not to be missed: the “Good Design is Good” gallery section, with clever nominations for best-of-all-time classic designs like the ones below.

The reasoning behind each nomination is succinctly laid out in a paragraph. Take the dog cone, for example: “Yes, it prevents wound-licking. But the best part is it proves we’re smarter than them. And that just feels good.”

[Blu Dot]
121 Wooster St
(212) 780-9058
Mon—Sat 11am—7pm; Sun noon—6pm

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