‘A Silent Drama’ – Cecilia Lundgren


Spotted in this month’s issue of Interview: an eye-catching object d’art from Cecilia Lundgren — designer, illustrator and manager of Cecilia Design. “Silent Drama” was produced with the help of Julia Buhler, Martin Helwig and Giovanni Levanti at Milan’s Domus Academy.


From her website: “The concept suggests the combination of a carpet arising from a “fallen” lamp, giving shape to a new domestic furniture. A silent drama is staged in your living room.”


Don’t get your hopes up about staging this drama in your living room, however. The word from the Interview blurb: “Sadly, there are no plans to produce this admittedly impractical light fixture, but you can catch more of this upstart’s furniture designs at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April.”

You can bet we’ll keep an eye out.

Cecilia Design

Interview Magazine

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