‘Tis the season. An oldie but a goodie, I could use one of these Naoto Fukasawa-designed humidifiers in each room of my house.

GEDDIT at Japan Trend Shop for $300

Let’s pretend for the moment I don’t live in a one-room apartment, because I’d take one in every color. They’re like little donuts!

Which reminds me, there was this great scented oil I got from Bath and Body Works last year called Sugar & Spice and it smelled fantastic. Every time I used it in the aroma diffuser, someone in the building would ask if I was making cookies while I was getting my mail. I’d get excited, think I WAS making cookies, and rush to the oven.

‘Someone stole my cookies…I can still smell them.’

The point is, it’s also a scent diffuser. Place a few drops of oil in the center and the aroma will spread as it heats. Does Bath and Body Works have a line of Dunkin’ Donuts aromatherapy? If not, I just made someone a whole mess of money. I give and I give…


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