“Ai” in Chinese means “love.” For these headphones, it’s fitting.

GEDDIT at AC Gears for $65.99

“all about your ‘AI, AI, AI, AI…”

The company that produces these, however, is based out of Denmark. And the great design touches, from the product to the packaging reflect that.

The Y-shaped connector and thick cables makes quiet reference to stethoscope design, especially in the vaguely surgical blue-and-turquoise. And it’s the little Y that pulls the entire thing together.

It’s a simple solution to a frustrating problem — how to keep earphone cords untangled. It’s bad for the cables to wrap them around your mp3 player. But shove them in your pocket or bag as-is and the next moment it’s like wrestling with a box of Christmas lights. The Y keeps everything separate, whether you wrap or not.

Another great feature for iPhone users is the inclusion of an inline microphone, with a button to switch between music and phone use. Helpful, and neatly-incorporated into the design.

And don’t even get me started on the packaging. Seriously. Just don’t. Time capsule? Mini pill boxes? Think of the possibilities!


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