This is the best Lite-Brite ever. Now, watch the trippy video after the jump. DO IT.

GEDDIT at Audiocubes for $199.99

In the interest of full disclosure, our shop now carries the Luminodot. Maybe it also helps to know that we all think it’s awesome.

“Lite-Brite on Steroids,” has become the Luminodot catchphrase around these parts. It’s beefed up from the childhood toy you remember, both in size and resolution. The makers of Luminodot acknowledge the similarity in the same breath they’ll hasten to add that that’s the point.

If Lite-Brite = good, then Hi-def Lite Brite = better. Or, if athletes = good, then athletes (accidentally) on steroids = better!

Most notably, with Luminodot, you can create and print designs with the included software, which you then use as a guide. After you’ve finished assembling your designs, you can animate them and choose from several different lighting patterns, all of which look fantastic on the slick, HDTV-looking screen. It’s like a forward-thinking form of nostalgia.


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