It’s been out for a moment now, but the new Photoshop CS4 gets a closer look on the merit of this very cool, very vision-driven ad.

GEDDIT from Adobe for $699/upgrade for $199

Adobe offers Photoshop CS4 in a 64-bit Windows Vista version, which is great news for many who can now work more quickly and efficiently with less hard disk swapping, or none at all. The list of additional features goes on, and you can take a look at an in-depth review over at PC World.

But what captured my eye is this CS4 ad done for an Indonesian online software retailer, Software-Asli. I’d refer you to their site as a retailer but not all of it is in English and CS4 doesn’t yet appear on the site. Better stick with Adobe, offering free shipping through December 1st.

Now, spare a moment to take a closer look at the little details here. The rubber glove? The Sherlock-style magnifying glass? Brilliant.

See the whole behind-the-scenes set on Flickr.


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