Scrolling LED Name Badge

If wearing an LED badge is geeky, consider me Miles Davis’ geeky cousin — Giles Davis

I bet I would receive one of these first thing after checking in as a robot at a convention with other robots. Hello, my name is EL-XT46. Are you going to the 3:30 lecture on Nano-Technology or the 4:00 on How to Beat the Voight-Kampff?

GEDDIT from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

Rachel must have missed that one.
Rachel must have missed that one.

Capable of holding up to six messages at a time and smaller than a credit card, this is a great accessory for the robo-inclined. It’s powered by battery, easily programmable and attaches to the shirt with a magnetic holder.

The robot from the Daft Punk road movie lost his. That’s why he’s alone in the desert, mindlessly smashing his helmet open like a pinata.

Is there any candy in there? Do I even like candy?

I haven’t seen the whole thing, but I heard the two robots get human faces put on. Then they just melt off in the sun, and it’s kinda gross. I guess the lesson is: Don’t try to fit in! Just be yourself! Alright, let’s have a hug.


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