Lasonic Ghetto Blaster iPod Dock

Sometimes, a product’s design nearly bullies me OUT of buying it.

GEDDIT from Lasonic for $219

It’s the look. The attitude. The same reasons I’m attracted in the first place. Like I’m Lindsey Weir on Freaks and Geeks, I shouldn’t be smoking in back with James Franco. He’s way too cool. But maybe hanging around him makes ME cool. And if I start slouching around in a ratty old Army jacket, I’ll be REALLY cool. Right? RIGHT?

Actually, even a young Franco worries about looking cool. Aww.

A babyfaced Seth Rogen thinks it’s funny. Bang your head to the X song, too. Man, what a great show.

Point is, that’s how this Lasonic Ghetto Blaster makes me feel.

Modeled after their vintage early-80s styles, it’s rolled out of the time capsule as an iPod dock, alarm clock and radio. And did I mention this thing looks BAD? Well, you’ve got eyes.

I want it. Not only do I want it, I want it with me all the time. I want to drop into the office pumping Paid In Full. I want to take it to the courts, Biggie coming out the speakers as I lace up my Jordans and dunk again and again.

“It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up Magazine.”

And here’s Nas with an original. He wants to be able to put an iPod in the cassette deck, but he can’t. No USB, either, or an SD card slot. Sorry, Nas.


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