Monocle – from print to radio

One of the best magazine/journals currently out ventures into broadcasting. Knowing Monocle Editor-in-Chief (and founder of Wallpaper) Tyler Brûlé, this’ll be one to follow. “From our studio in London and our bureaux in Tokyo and New York, Monocle’s editors will focus on the horizon and explore the looming stories within […]

IB Rubinetterie Drop Shower Head

Modeled after that final drop of water clinging to the spout, this silicone-crafted shower head breathes a little life into your average, sterile-white bathroom. The design is meant to be “squeezed” after you’re finished, which prevents the accumulation of limestone. Available in several different colors, this royal blue is the […]

Dreams Japan’s Sfit goes Hugo Boss

Dreams Japan recently collaborated with Hugo Boss, the international fashion brand from Metzingen, Germany, to create Hugo Boss’ first all white headphones, based on Dreams’ popular Zumreed Sfit headphones. Unfortunately neither Dreams nor Hugo Boss disclosed the pricings of these ultra special headphones, or where one may be able to […]

Socket Deer

It’s cute, a little bizarre and looks really functional, provided you watch your shins around the antlers. There’s a rustic charm to it, which makes it even better that the design is applied to a power outlet, something so far removed from the natural world. Freeman’s Restaurant Anyway, taxidermy’s been […]