Aerial Tour With Skeye Drone


We recently got our tech hungry mitts on the SKEYE Quadcopters; One of which is the world’s smallest commercial drone with an HD Camera. Instantly recognizing opportunity when it strikes, we decided to tour our corner of NYC from a new perspective. Here’s a Skeye view of Washington Square Park. While it took a bit…

SolarPuff and the Impact of Funding Practical Design.


There have been an uplifting number of eco-friendly designs as of late—neatly focused projects with an intent to convenience our daily grind (both enjoyable and non), while consciously and empathetically effecting how they impact other people and the world at large. Most of these designers look towards one of our oldest sources of energy for their blueprint—The sun.

The New Pocket Operators Make Us Squee


Teenage Engineering joined the world of synthesizers marching to the beat of their own drum machine. In 2015 they released their handheld Pocket Operators; Minimalist synthesizers shaped like a calculator. The Pocket Operator originally launched with the Rhythm, Sub, and Factory models. Three new models have entered the scene, and we can’t stop squealing. The…

Tessel Anti-Gravity Bag – Inspired by Space


Created by the innovative design team at Tessel, the Anti-Gravity is a rugged modular pack system that uses magnetic coupling hardware to match your shifting needs. It does not let you defy gravity. I’m sorry. Still, we feel these packs are worthy of their name, as they take design cues from astronaut suits and maintain…

Future Fabrics That Could Turn Your Body Into a Computer


We’re not quite entering a world of Tron where we zip around inside computers on light bikes with cool robot helmets — sorry. But initiatives like Google’s Project Jacquard are creating some interesting new possibilities for wearable tech with their advances in fabrics. Jacquard yarns combine metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns to create a stronger…

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